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1/35 part of a US base during the Vietnam war.

moon puppy

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I asked because I notice you're using that blue board, I tried that once and then used something (I forgot what it was) and had a volatile reaction. Guess there was some solvent in what I was using.


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Looking good!! The dirt there had a reddish hue to it. Similar to the red color here in GA. Gary S. XLV MMXX


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The observation platform will be walled in with sandbags ,
the corrugated roof will get a single layer off sand bags .

babel 010.JPGbabel 011.JPGbabel 013.JPGbabel 015.JPG
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That really brought out the woodgrain, I like it! Do you like the Tamiya Panel Liner?
First time user here ,
It dries quickly and it removes easily with a bit of odorless turpentine ,i washed it yesterday and this morning i removed it ,
I like it
:vgood: .
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Need more Apoxie sculpt !!!!

:oldguy:This is just a small test section of sandbags.
Eventually the complete structure will be covered with them .

What did I get into:bash:
This will keep me busy for a long time.
Aahhh!! 001.JPG

Aahhh!! 010.JPG

See you all in a few weeks for the next update.
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