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Latest activity

  • J
    jknaus replied to the thread Namesake Completions.
    Nice work guys :vgood: :vgood: :vgood: :vgood: :vgood: James
  • Heavens Eagle
    Heavens Eagle replied to the thread Namesake Completions.
    Mike your KV-1 turned out quite nice! Excellent finish! John the Sherman M-74 finished up in a superb manner!
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  • Heavens Eagle
    You fought the good fight Ian! You managed to succeed in spite of the kit's flaws.
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  • Joe Hudson
    Here my latest bust, a Grey Hulk from Troy McDevitt. These are lots of fun to paint.
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  • jeaton01
    jeaton01 replied to the thread Namesake Completions.
    Thanks from me as well. Without the prod from the GB this one would still be in the to do pile, bothering me. Pleased to put it in the...
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  • jeaton01
    jeaton01 replied to the thread 'My' Jaguar * * D O N E * *.
    Ian it looks nice. I know how you feel though, when a build has a personal connection our expectations rise and it's hard to feel like...
  • Iron Mike
    Iron Mike replied to the thread M551 SHERIDAN.
    Looking good!:vgood:
  • Gator
    Gator replied to the thread Tool Caddy.
    And done. I also finished the deep clean of the hobby room. Threw away two 90 gallon trash cans of clutter and junk.
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  • sharkmouth
    Free isn't always a good kit! :D Yet it allows me to be generous! LOL Regards,
  • Gator
    Gator reacted to Cheyenne's post in the thread New bench tool with Like Like.
    The most important tool on the bench , made from plumbing bits from Home Depot . I call it the modelers helper .........
  • Rhino
    Rhino replied to the thread M551 SHERIDAN.
    What's this I see!?!? Are you using the Kit tracks?:bm: Quick! Somebody take Terry's temperature! He must not be well!:hmm:
  • Rhino
    Admiral Thomas Connolly was quoted in a Congressional hearing as having told defense secretary McNamara "There isn't enough thrust in...
  • Rhino
    Rhino reacted to Barney's post in the thread Nostalgia Build - Monogram's Hustler with Like Like.
    A little research and... The ex-Comet B-58 was in 175th scale. It was released by Aurora when they bought out Comet and by a company...
  • Rhino
    There isn't a GMM set for the Graf. I hope a whole lot of attention doesn't get focused on the underside of the after flight deck. My...
  • moon puppy
    moon puppy replied to the thread M551 SHERIDAN.