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1/35 part of a US base during the Vietnam war.


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Would like to make the entire scene, but that's too big,
For now i will stick to the bunker and gun pit..... it wont be exacly the same .

Got most of the parts and material i need,
Made a load of resin copies from the miniart fuel barrels filled with dirt, halve ones and complete ones and ammo boxes
( if i need more i can cast more )

Got corrugated sheets, PE Marsden plates, 2 part epoxy for the sand bags , a 105mm Howitzer , 5 sheet of old skool verlinden barbed wire ,
And some lecture on the subject,and of course the WWW .

First i am building a howitzer so i can plan the size of it all

That's all for now .
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Heavens Eagle

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That size is well within what Letterman builds. You could split it up into quarters and do it as 4 sections. This should be interesting Piet.


Very cool. I'll watch this with interest. Just a suggestion if this is too big, build it in 4 quads that can stand alone or if taken to a show can be joined together for the whole thing. Earth magnets hidden on 2 sides of each will hold it together when you want to display the full diorama.


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This is the bunker layout.

I will built up the sandbags from ground level up (red line) .
Gave the entrance some detail if i decide to open the door.

Next is building one of the Howitzers .

If i have figured out the Size and shapes of the gun pit........the insane task of building up the sandbags will begin.1.JPG3.JPG2.JPG


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Build the AFV 1/35 M102 howitzer almost straight out of the box , sprayed in Mr Hobby paint (just the base colors).
With this done i could start on the Gun pit .

Blue insulation foam board, cellulose clay for the ground texture and self casted fuel drums.
The top of the drums (parapet) wil be covered wit sandbags made from Apoxie sculpt.
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Air drying cellulose clay the better and more expensive kind from the arts and craft store here in town,
,had some problems with the cheaper ones (shrinkage)