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der Spatzfalke! The operational Ho-229

Heavens Eagle

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No problem Warren! It's all interesting.

Currently I am assembling the rat's nest framework in the center part of the plane. The way the instructions state to assemble it can lead to some misalignment problems, so I have been jumping around and will probably post a new assembly order for the next builders to follow on this thing. It really looks neat and for as frail as most of the parts are individually, the assembly is quite strong.

Here is a quick phone shot of it in process.

Heavens Eagle

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Nope. The skin only attaches to the frame. Everything attaches to the frame. I just changed the assembly order a little and added the top part (taped on) to hold the alignments on everything. There is a little more assembled now than in this photo and it really is quite strong and square.

It is just tricky to build and requires some thought. All the parts except for the rear spar/engine support are fairly flexible so things can be worked in to place with a little patience. Then, once the part is aligned I add CA to the lower attachment points until the small gaps are filled.


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Looks intricate and delicate! Good things this is 1/32. I bet if they had that kind of detail in 1/72, one would break half of them getting them off the sprue and the other half assembling them!

Nice work Paul!


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Jawohl! Zis is unnatural. Cherman Munkie barz gemacht hatta bei dem Joponishes! Da schizt dem Hund im Feuerzeug!

Heavens Eagle

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Warren, Mike, Ian, and Chris, thanks so much for looking in. More to come. This kit is kind of neat in that it is specifically done up as sub-assemblies. There are short goals to finish each group, then you move on.

Da schizt dem Hund im Feuerzeug!
Ummm, What did he say?

Hunh 128.jpg

Back from a fast trip to Kansas City. Was helping my brother move my Mom (94) into his new place and help him get moved in as well. Three stories, 2 sets of stairs, my calves are a hurtin'. Then the 8 1/2 hour drives each way am a tuckered out guy.

Since the frame is so critical and the instructions are not all that good with assembling for accuracy and strength I will be posting a better assembly order ( and why) Just going to take a few days to get things to that point.
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That is a German slang expression of surprise and disbelief. Translating such literally will leave you puzzled for sure!