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Ares Mythologic Figure "Sheenay" - Finished!!!


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Thanks guys!

Still waiting for it to arrive. :unsure:

Not being a figure modeler, I was surprised at just how difficult it was to find a fantasy female warrior, like something you might find in Dungeons and Dragons, who wasn't completely naked or scantilly clad. Not that I'm totally opposed to that, I've seen some very amazing female figures completed and they are a great palette if you are into skin tones, but I was looking for something a little more on the believable side (in terms of what would be worn in a battle) while still being on the sexy side as well. Plus, I have two small girls who are in my modeling room regularly!

Male figures have full armor, female figures have a sword and a thong. I wouldn't want to go into battle with a thong!


I realize it is still a male-dominated hobby and it caters to that audience, just something I noted!



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Well, I got word that my figure finally got shipped from China. Should be here in a couple months!



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That's gonna be a great Figure to build/paint Warren, Having to learn Yawls names again (y) .... I might think about this Campaign .... :woohoo:


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My figure finally arrived in Canada today! On the other side of the country and has to clear customs. Might get it before Christmas!

Crazy, bought this Jan. 18th


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apparently it cleared customs on Thursday and should be here on the 30th. Not holding my breath though, our Canada Post is working overtime but doing a great job considering, I don't mind it being late.


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3 1/2 months later..........

I checked my mailbox this afternoon and the mailman brought me this.

Needless to say I was a little worried the figure was damaged....but fortunately, the seller had packed it well in bubble wrap


5 pieces in total, it seems nicely molded for its size, I believe it is 1/20





I think it would be a great figure if it was larger, like 1/12. Anyway, I'm impressed, now let's see what I can do with it!


I found an image of a larger bust made of the same figure, I'll use this and the first image as inspiration!



Lucky, that box looks in bad shape. Did you buy this from Aires Mythologic?? All the ones I have bought have come in nice boxes with foam cushions for the figure, not a baggy.


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Lucky, that box looks in bad shape. Did you buy this from Aires Mythologic?? All the ones I have bought have come in nice boxes with foam cushions for the figure, not a baggy.

No, from a seller off Ebay in China. I'm, glad he wrapped it well! Might be an Ares rip off but it looks good!
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I cleaned up the parts some more of the resin stubs and mounted everything on tooth picks


Then decided I would attach her skirt as I noticed on a test fit that it would require a small amount of fill



I used a little Tamiya putty and will just have to gently sand it later.


Then I started to paint the flesh tones with some Model Master Sienna, thinned and lightened slightly



Then a couple coats of Tamiya flat flesh and lightened with Tamiya flat white


More to come!