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Ares Mythologic Figure "Sheenay" - Finished!!!


Master at Arms
Thanks Mike and Paul!


I was just scanning Ebay and knew you had a bunch of 109 kits in 32nd scale, thought I would bring these to your attention in case they are of interest.

Can't seem to get the "conversations" to work!!

Heavens Eagle

Well-known member
Hey Warren! Thanks for looking those up! I have the 32136 C/D conversion and the 32135 B-1 conversion and am planning on using the Eduard E-1 kits for the build rather than the Hasegawa kits. So far the Eduard build I am doing isn't too bad. Of course I am doing mods as we speak, but overall it isn't bad and I think (hope) these should work well with the Eduard Fuselage. I will know for sure when I get there.

moon puppy

Staff member
Paul check if you're allowing Conversations. It's under your profile. It's turned off by default.


Master at Arms
Did a bit of a painting marathon last night and today... I'm still not entirely happy with how the skin looks so I'll play around with that a bit more.

Also realizing very quickly of what parts should be painted first!

Started with her boots, braces and skirt










Master at Arms
Thanks Mike, Bob and James!

I've been looking at a few online tutorials. Taking a stab at her eyes and lips and have been playing around with some different flesh tones by lightening and darkening the paint. Painted the white, then added the iris, then came back with some flesh to fill in around. Not easy, had to do it a couple times but I think I have something passible for now! I'm happy at least!



And here's where I am at now. I plan on giving her some washes to highlight her clothing and armour, I tried using different shades of blue and black to add some modulation to her skirt and boots. I need to get some flat clear too to tone down the shininess of her skirt as well. I didn'thave any flat blue paint to use. Oh, and I got her arms attached!





I really need to get a good macro lens sometime too!


Master at Arms
The pros make it look so easy!

Base layer of this, a layer of that, some bright flesh, some bronze flesh, a mist here, a mist there!

It's a different challenge from aricraft!


Master at Arms
So, I had a major %@#$up last night. I bought some Tamiya X21 Flat Base thinking it was the same as Flat Clear.

thinned it and loaded it in the airbrush and proceeded to spray her skirt and armour and next thing I knew my little figure was frosted white! I didn't grab any pictures because I was in a panic but after a quick search online I was able to run some water over the figure and get most off with a tooth brush. Had to spray on a bit of clear to bring the colour back so just doing some damage control at the moment, and working on a base to display her. Will post some pics later!


moon puppy

Staff member
I got a bottle of that stuff. Yeah gotta be careful, it's for flattening gloss paints. I've always thought it'd work well to recreate frost on something.

Duke Maddog

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Sharkman, I had that happen to me once before when I mixed some Flat Base into some Future to flatten a model I'd built. After thinking it was ruined, I decided to try something anyway and sprayed some straight Future gloss over it again and the frosting went away. Lesson learned there.


Master at Arms
Big lesson learned guys!

I found some flat clear in Canada! Should be here by Friday!

I found a nice piece of shale at a park that I thought might make an interesting base.


I super-glued the base to the top and a small pice of I-beam sprue to the bottom to balance it. I'm attempting to paint the little resin base the same as the top of the rock



Should have this one wrapped up soon!