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Tanktrax's German Kriegslokomotive Br52


Mandatory pre-build pictures for the group build....



Track base assembled and primed...

This kit is larger than I thought. That base is just short of 2 feet long!


Progress on the engine... there were about 35 parts just in this "lower" section alone... :blink and it's not complete yet.

Most of this section will be red (based on the pre-war color scheme).



Looking good John. Man that looks intricate. Can hardly wait to see when it;s finished.


Master at Arms
Staff member
Clear the tracks John is at the throttle! Looks great!

Terry B)



Progress has been slowed a bit due to some poor fit and a lot of sink holes in bad places that need to be filled.



Progress... before I glue on the sides/rear/top and windows of the cab...

In the background the "underside" of the loco has been given a coat of red... the outside hopefully very soon... I've never before used so much matt red on a kit before. :blink

Pit of a pain this kit is since I have to paint all sorts of various bits and pieces before assembly. Also having the lower part of the engine red and the upper part grey will be an interesting painting/assembly challenge... Luckily I'm on leave until the end of the month, so full steam ahead. :woohoo:

Cab has been washed with a dark wash on the boiler and some graphite run over edges and wheels. Bit of "black smoke" MIG pigment to simulate coal dust on the floor.

Also noticed the sink marks on the back of the seats too late... but stuff it... once all the outside parts are on, no one will ever see them.

I like the result of the timber floor. I picked up a set of LifeColor paints titled "Weathered Wood". Six paints consisting of 4 bases and 2 washes. I think they give a very convincing look of wood. You can simulate anything from dark woods to very light/old wood. Will use them on the track sleepers as well.