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Rommel Rod


New member
This kit has been built and built till all the freshness has been worn off so I decided to move it a new direction. The basic premise is what would Erwin’s shop truck look like if he had a sideline in customs and rods. To lower the stance frame was z-d in front and a equal amount removed for the tracks. After the front fenders and running boards were removed the body needed some touch up and the rear fender moved up to accommodate the tracks. I hinged the back to be like a truck and made the bed from some oak veneer. As the project went along the ideas fed on themselves leading to a flying eyeball made from a charm bracelet swan, the cargo being the Ark, and a campaign map on the seat. 4FD92570-E860-48CB-8E0D-4886F54ED489.jpeg90635A03-7A83-47AF-94D9-74023956CB74.jpegDC43C688-8B7E-4B8C-8815-922F5F1DEE08.jpeg0851435D-531A-4CBF-A283-CE29DDF1C14B.jpeg465E7E6C-1283-4926-B049-C7686E406ECF.jpeg

Iron Mike

Master At Arms
Staff member
Very cool! Glad you chose the Studebaker for your avatar, I have always liked that build. :vgood: