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POP! goes the Weisel!!!


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I am guessing the HE rounds would use the larger more prevalent feed box, with AP Using the smaller feed box

I would think that 20mm would be effective on BMP 1, plus any of theBTR or BRDM series, though not so sure about the later/current BMP & the new Bumerang series vehicles now entering service

However, it has proven to be effective in Afghanistan, so there is some use for it still


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OK so here is the latest little bit on my "Little Bit"!!

First Saturday I have had in a few weeks where I was able to get some paint work done, and I am digging the way this dinky thing is looking. I still have to install/paint the mirrors (was scared I would break them), and have some detail cleaning/paint work to do, including a few small bits of stowage via Value gear, but it is looking nice I dare-say!



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Ok so here she is! Just a few tidbits to get and she’s ready for some weathering!
This is really turning into a neat little build, hope you are liking it!


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Ok so calling this little guy done. I was using ground pastels and was was looking PERFECT, then I put white on it and it just ruined the color mix. Oh Well lesson learned - KNOW WHEN TO STOP!!!


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That little Weisal cam out Great!!
Know when to stop is one of the hardest things to know.