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Moebius 1/8 Wonder Woman Gal Gadot


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I really need to get more of these done. The grand daughters are pretty straight forward when it comes to getting their figures done. I have three more to do. I am really enjoying building these kits as it is a new aspect in painting and finishing and a bit more demanding, I started this about two days ago using Stynylrez black for the base coat. Then Daler Rowney FW inks for the skin tones. It isn't easy to get the tones you need when your lights are more yellow in temperature than something more white or cooler. Thus the first skin tone was pretty orange yellow. I added a couple of drops of burnt umber to the mix and a drop of white to get this mostly tan shade. I have to go back to the eyes later and get a better mix that will flow more evenly. If I use white on the eyes it sticks out like a sore thumb so I mix a light gray with white and it tames the brightness a bit. I used Brown Rose from Vallejo for the lip color.