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Moebius 1/10 Death Dealer


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I know that this has probably been done here before but I needed something different to do. I got this kit a couple of months back and decided to try out the inks that came in yesterday. It was a pretty straight forward build and easy enough to paint. I use Tamiya and Gunze for the metallics and Daler and Rowney inks for everything else. For the basic primary colors the inks shoot real nicely and are water resistant when dry. Clean up is easy also with just water or alcohol. I am getting to enjoy this figure thingy.


I still have a couple of bits to add but that won't be a chore either.


Master at Arms
Nice one Paul!

I have it, built it, got bogged down in wanting to change the chainmail and put it back in the box like an idiot.

You may have jolted me out of my slumber, since what I want to do can be done outside without any equipment.