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Mi-25 Peruvian Air Force in 1/72 - completed!

Thanks Paul. Working on the painting now.
Actually I have found a decal set from Artscale (CZ) which caters exactly for Hinds in Latin America in 1/72. Got it in Aviationmegastore in the Netherlands. So expect new Pictures soon.

If I don't talk to you guys in the next few days I wish you all a happy easter!




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I have to ask, is that double cannon on the starboard side the same one used on Migs and the Frogfoot?? Never seen a set up quite like that, don't they usually have a cannon underslung like on the Apache??
The ГШ-30-2 (Gryazev-Shipunov) GSh-30-20 is the same gun as on the Sukhoi Su-25K with a flash hider instead of a muzzle brake. It is not used on MiGs but is related to the Gast principle of the 23mm cannon used by later versions of the MiG-21 and MiG-23 series.

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Hi guys.

Saul already answered and much better than I could. This particular variant of the Hind with the Gun ist the Mi-24P in Russia and Mi-35P in the exported Versions. Not movable 23mm turret underneath the nose, just the 30mm (although 2 pods of 23mm may be carried in the external pylons). Very interesting Version, apparently well-liked by the pilots for the precision of the hits.

This is the Progress so far, time to work on the MiG-29 while waiting for the decals to be delivered.

Stay safe and have a happy Easter everyone


Thank you very much guys. It is still very thick but I am working on that.

Eric I am pressed for time 😷 but I will answer your PM soon. That is a really good idea. Thanks for all your time and Input!🙏


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No worries Alex! It only hobby and I quite certain you got bigger things on your plate right now. Whenever will be fine.
Stay safe Buddy 😎
Thanks Eric and Paul.

I am almost done with the Mi-25 and started working on the MiG-29. The decals from ArtScale are great, very thin and wonderful to apply. I am happy with the Overall result. Now just a tiny bit of weathering (those Peruvian birds are very well kept from the photos) and the Chopper is done.

This is the Progress so far:





Way cool. Those are really colourful birds. All that PE in that tiny scale also WOW. Looks good Doc.
Thank you very much James and Bob.

I love the work with 1/72 PE, that is for me very Relaxing... Could spend hours doing it.
The nose was a MF decal to apply. Blood, sweat and tears to get it right.

Have a nice Weekend.
Hi Friends,

After another Long pause (work + work + Building a house) I finally finished the Mi-25. The Mig-29 was a bust I will leave it for another Occasion.
I am off for another 10 days trying to get the move done. I will never, EVER build another house. So much Trouble!

In any case this is the completed build. Thanks again @errains for providing such insightful comments and thoughts, much appreciated.

Little Diorama, as usual.





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Looks Great! :vgood:
I really like the way you setup your displays, they provide great context and size comparison. I do see improvement for sure and I feel your headed in the right direction.

Good luck with the move and enjoy that new house!