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Junkers J.1 Wingnut Wing

moon puppy

Staff member

I think this was one of their earliest releases and I've had it in my stash, actually in my built next stash, for years. So here we go.
Very minimal rigging if any but some interesting colors.
The aircraft was way ahead with it's time with it's full duraluminium construction, but I read that it was called the Furniture Van by it's crews. Interesting that it had a 32 gal gas tank. Hell my Tundra has a 38 gal tank...
I gotta plan out my painting scheme and see if I need to order some. I have confidence in this so hang on!
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Master at Arms

I've seen the real one in the museum in Ottawa. It was quite a big aircraft! Looking at it it is surprising it flew!

Should be a good build, looking forward to it!


moon puppy

Staff member
Something must be right, Quick check of paint supplies show I have everything I need except the light blue (a tamiya mix formula) and Mauve...Pretty sure I mixed some Mauve for the Baron's bird so I should be able to do it again.
Primer on the inside, I'll be laying some colors down tomorrow.