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Franz von Werra's Bf109 E4

Heavens Eagle

Well-known member
As I am on a WWII German theme and have a number of these kits and several conversions to go with them, it is time to build one up out of the box, or close to it. Otherwise this is going to be a plain plane just to look over the kit and how it builds. (I have 10 more with 3 conversions) It comes with colored PE and cockpit parts. I might add an external PE set and resin wheels as I have parts in hand. Nothing else and nothing special. I have some extended resin parts for another build down the way.

Why did I choose Franz? There were 5 choices in the kit decals. Each had some history to them. There are markings for one of Adolf Glalland's E4's, one for Helmut Wick who was a leading ace during the Battle of Britain. Then there was Yellow 10 from 6./JG 51 for Ofw. Fritz Beek, A Yellow 13 from 9./JG54 for a Josef Eberle, and finally the one I chose for Franz von Weera.

Part of the reason I chose this is due to the fact that there were photos of the pilot to be found. He also had an interesting story in that he was captured when his plane was forced down, shipped off to Canada, escaped to the US then to Mexico, then Brazil. Finally he returned to Germany and rejoined the Luftwaffe serving on the Eastern and Western fronts. There was even a movie made (The One That Got Away) He was the only German POW to escape and return to Germany during the war.

Von Werra-Bf109E4-01.jpg

Von Werra-Bf109E4-02.jpg

Von Werra-Bf109E4-03.jpg

This should be an interesting and hopefully uneventful build. I hope uneventful as I have a number of these to build up in various markings as well as 3 conversions. One is V-14 in red, one is a B version, and one will be a C or D. So first a practice one.

Heavens Eagle

Well-known member
I always try to do some background on my builds before starting. From what I read Franz tried escaping a number of times and mostly succeeded but usually got picked up. Once in England he even managed to make his way to an airstrip and was in a plane when he was apprehended.

Looking forward to the build. I have an E1 coming so look forward to what you do.
I have two "Legion Condor" kits and two E-1 Overtree kits. Three of which are already planned for conversions. Have to start somewhere and this one is as good as any.

Heavens Eagle

Well-known member
It is finally time for a bit of an update. My mojo has been a little off since going back to work, and etc. I have managed to keep plugging away at this beastie though. As I have a BUNCH more of these in the stash, I am studying the kit and how it fits and matches with the references. So far only a few minor things that I can easily tweak to make improvements. The fit isn't all that bad if you check and test fit things as you go along.

On to the photos.

Von Werra-Bf109E4-04.jpg

Von Werra-Bf109E4-05.jpg

Von Werra-Bf109E4-06.jpg

Von Werra-Bf109E4-07.jpg

Von Werra-Bf109E4-08.jpg

Von Werra-Bf109E4-09.jpg

Von Werra-Bf109E4-10.jpg

Von Werra-Bf109E4-11.jpg

Von Werra-Bf109E4-12.jpg

Von Werra-Bf109E4-13.jpg

Von Werra-Bf109E4-14.jpg

Von Werra-Bf109E4-15.jpg

Von Werra-Bf109E4-16.jpg

So far so good. The next time I build one there will be a few little things done slightly different. I am pleased with the fit for the most part, though the oil cooler area under the nose is giving a little trouble at the moment. Luckily there is quite enough flex in the parts to mod and check the fit over and over. It is coming along well though. Once that part is done it should move along a bit better. I am not going to install the engine in this build. I will do that with another at a later date.

Until next time!

Heavens Eagle

Well-known member
Thanks for the comments Bob and Mike! They are much appreciated!

Nice detail. Your work will make for great reference later when I build a 1/48th 109. Gary S. XXXXV XX XX
I have several good books I am using for reference for this build Gary. It is a little tricky as there are slight variations depending on version and type. Even with just the E4 version it is somewhat of a "best guess" to get things improved and looking right. The rudder peddles and lower instrument panel will be slightly different on the next build. The lower panel should be a little more recessed,(but is ok s is). I will do the edging on the next peddles a little different and more correctly on the next build. I also had some trouble with paint, but this is my practice build and am getting that ironed out as well.

Duke Maddog

Well-known member
Paul, it is always a thrill to watch your builds! This one is no exception! I especially love the story behind this plane. and the pilot. I'm gonna have to check out that movie.

Quite some extensive and well made details in that plane so far. Looks great, keep it coming!