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1/350 USCG Full Hull Vietnam Point Class Cutter

Wow! That looks really good. I use dry transfers to do the markings on my 1/35th scale vehicles and since I make them represent actual vehicles, I have to do the registration numbers one letter or number at a time, but that is in 1/35th scale and it is a pain in the butt. I could not imagine doing that like you have done with this in such a small scale. My hat's off to you! :notworthy :notworthy

Thanks Men! Praise such as this means the world to me.
I hope to add Vietnam markings printed on not-white decal paper, in the proper scale before the kit goes to market.
This was "Improvise-Adapt-Overcome" decal applying so I can write the instructions, and do Box Art.


This morning's project was converting 1/700 IJN 25mm guns into 1/350 M2's with ammo boxes.
I could not find air-cooled 1/350 .50 caliber guns to include in the kit.

Guns go on last!

Thanks for looking in!!

.50 caliber Guns going aboard.
The mast & rigging has taken a beating during construction. With so many delicate parts to install, something's gotta give.
:bang head
I debated painting guns & ammo boxes before mounting them. I fear my air brush would have blown them into model-oblivion!

Thanks for looking in!
4 Of 5 .50's mounted. I fear the P/E Yeti may have eaten one of them.
Zorn! The 81 mortar seems just a bit overscale. My boat cradles a just a might too tall as well.


I must straighted the foremast frame! :facepalm
Work on the 16-foot boston Whaler continues.
Almost there!!
Point Welcome is 1/350 scale (Old Guy's scale)! She's almost 3 1/2 inches long. ANYONE can build this Cutter!



The 16 foot Boston Whaler wartime WPB's carried is almost there. I have to touch-up around the gas can. The blue stripe for mercury 90 hp outboard is next.

Thanks My Friends for all the encouraging comments! Even with mowing season upon my humble country home, I'm making headway!
I finally got the chance to get caught up here. This is stunning work man. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing more.