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1/350 USCG Full Hull Vietnam Point Class Cutter

Our friend Dollar19 use to pose his builds on top of one of those glass patio tables that had wavey pattern, one time there was a blue tarp under the table and I think it was a navy jet. Looked great!

He's got a new patio table now, smooth glass...:smack
I did that with a plastic blue water sheet, and a picture I took at Sea a couple of years back.
My standard TLAR box-art backgrounds.
Looks the biz Rhino! :drinks

Oh and we did keep one piece of that patio set with the wavy glass top. It's stored away in the garage at the moment. I may have to bring it back out just for you Bob.
I now get Point Welcome.
Nice video you sent me.
You know sometimes, my head keeps spinning (NO ROTOR BRAKE).

Display base for the finished 1/350 Cutter. The black accents are too much and must go.

Kit decals with properly scaled to fit USCG Vietnam markings in white arrived today.
Printing of instructions, final packaging and these go on the market!


Each 1/350 Point class Cutter set also includes a custom hand-made Vietnam US Coast Guard Squadron 1 Lapel pin.
Lest we forget.
My Lady made these. She's very crafty!

Thanks for looking in!

1/350 USCGC 82329 Point Welcome on Her finished base.
Coming soon to a Model show near you!
She's a Doozie, for sure & for certain!
Thanks, Men, for your interest & kindnesses!
Now we'll see if the Kits generate any revenue!
In almost 3 weeks NONE of these kit have sold. So much for being receptive to your customers. BFA!!
:pp :smack :stinker
Rhino, I really want to get some of your 1/700 scale ships and boats but I haven't worked in eight months. I don't see any work for another three to five at this rate. Until then, I can only dream, but once I do get something, I'll be thrilled to support you and your efforts.
Hopefully, IPMS members, dear friends and Modelers Alliance members get a significant discount over eBay.
P/M me if you want one of your very own. I have 10 of them.
I am NOT offended if this is not your cup of Tea.
I've had a very fine time making these. I'll make more esoteric model kits. I cain't help myself!