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M3 Lee

moon puppy

Staff member
Lullubelle Lee (Bobby Lee's niece with questionable parentage )


I have a link, or have had it. Great reference photos to the Lee that was used in the movie Sahara.
Yes this is my second attempt. :soldier

This is the link to the study of the tank, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't

moon puppy

Staff member
Deck has been cleaned, new cutting mat.


What's sitting on top is the nearly complete Academy kit that I ran afowl with on the tracks. Who knows, might make it the knocked out Lee the crew was scavenging parts from...


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Shiny a nice cleaned and roomy workie place :vgood:
Good idea for the old Lee, never through anything away.


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Looks good to me... SWMBO is always on me to straighten mine out. I shuffle some stuff and leave it at that.