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KV-1 1/48th scale Bandai


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Out side almost done with assembling the outside parts. Need to add grab handles to turret. Decided to build the T-34 engine and to add the fuel injector lines The oversized exhaust and air filter was built from the spares box. The air filter was a Mig-15 intake cover. Still Russian. Not sure if I'm going to add them to the KV yet. The engine next to it is a Merlin from Tamiya's Lancaster kit. Now I'm working on the crew and the tow cables. Going to use picture hanging wire for them. Gary S. XLV MMXX


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Looking Good there Gary! Good idea on the tow cables they will add a lot to the over appearance.


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Base color applied to tank and crew. The KV-1 had a crew of 5, But kit only has 4 figures. I have an extra crew figure somewhere, but haven't found it. Off to the drying closet!! Gary S. XLV MMXX

moon puppy

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The commander looks like he's cuttin' some moves or something.

Lovin' the tones and weathering Gary, git'er done! :vgood:


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Gary, shouldn't the Za be in front of the Rodynu? "For the Motherland!" Za is for in Russian.


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Thanks. Sorry my Russian is not so good. I though that it was a number 3. I have since changed that decal on that side. In the process of removing the old decal some of the green paint came off exposing the red primer underneath. I then placed some tape to the lt. side and removed a little paint from there. One saying on the lt. side and a different one on the rt. Haven't been able to remove any paint from the chassis yet. Also di a basic paint job on the base this am. Gary S. XLV MMXX