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Ju-87 Stuka


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That is an old kit, looking forward to seeing what you do with it. What scale is that kit?


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Looking forward to this as i have a Hase version i keep picking up and putting down and putting off :).


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OK. Now I've done it. I changed the location of the floor periscope. Next are throttle and mixture quadrants. Need to find location and shape of window on aircraft belly. Also added a disk to the propeller shaft so that I won't have to install the prop before closing up the fuselage. Gary S. XLV MMXX


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Yes, that helps a lot. I guess there was a glass cover on it. I wonder, was the X bracing on the cradle used as cross hairs? Gary S. XLV MMXX

Heavens Eagle

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I was building a Ju87A variant. (Horribly incorrect Trumpeter kit) I will look around and try to find some info on the window.