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All Righty ... What's on the bench today?

Duke Maddog

Well-known member
What's for sale Mark? ;)
The following are going into my sale pile:

-> 1/48 scale Roden Pilatus PC-6 in Austrian Special Markings.

-> 1/35 scale Tamiya JGSDGF Type 16 Maneuver Combat Vehicle

-> 1/32 scale Kitty Hawk OV-10D Bronco.

You can currently see the boxes in the Latest Acquisitions Thread.


Master at Arms

I haven't started threads on these because they tend to be the kiss of death for me finishing, but I've been working on two Ryefield kits, the Easy 8 as Fury and the Late Tiger as 007.

Some details needed on Fury, the mantlet coverframe and forward 30 cal mount as well as storage clips and casting numbers.

Tiger needed the zim treatment.



Assistant Administrator
Staff member
With the Bearhound completed it's time to see what's next. After a little thinking I went to my Shelf-of-Shame. Figured there is one or two that are close to the paint phase...so why not...


M20A1(81) Mortar Carrier (What-If)--Tamiya

If I get them into paint I'll start their own threads.


Master at Arms

I'm taking a real crack at 1/35 faces.

I picked up a few sets of the new Tamiya figures, they really are pretty impressive.

Here's the least interesting sculpt, I figured it was the best one to tackle first.

A bit of a mess, but I'm getting there. It's definitely a learning experience.



Well-known member
Nearly done 'tinkering' with my P-47.

11 1.jpg

11 2.jpg

Have a great weekend folks - best from very sunny New Zealand.