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1/72 Lakenheath Black Widow (WHIF)


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(WHIF) USAF F-23 Black Widow - 492nd FS, RAF Lakenheath

Kit: 1/72 Dragon YF-23 (#2507)
Paints: Testors Model Master/Tamiya
Decals: Eagle Strike Productions - Kosovo Eagles (72021)
AM: Hasegawa F-16 bang seat (kit was missing piece)

Quickie build over the weekend. 2-12 hour timeslots Sat/Sun. I did have to improvise on the ejection seat, as it was missing in the kit. An extra seat out of a Hasegawa F-16CJ was appropriated. I also had to add the axles for the MLG, as they were short shots. Despite the low parts count, I still ran out of time to do any sort of weathering...so the finish is nothing fancy. I did notice one of the MLG doors are out of alignment when I was taking pics this afternoon...I'll need to address that at some point.

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I was stationed at RAF Mildenhall (7 miles down the road) and the first thing we learned was that Lakenheath was a terrible place (It proved to be unfriendly territory). Still the kit is sweet!


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"I was stationed at RAF Mildenhall (7 miles down the road) "

Best weekends were the Mildenhall shows at the end of May - I went as an exhibitor and as a spectator through the 80's and into the early 90's. Always stayed on the RAF base at Honington or down in Bury St. Edmonds.



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Mildenhall was the best assignment in my 32 years in uniform. The area was perfect for a history geek.