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Tiger 1 early - Winter Russia 1942 -completed


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I said it before and I'll say it again...Love how that white wash turned out...so stealing that technique!


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Thanks to everyone for stopping buy and commenting. I really appreciate your interest and always welcome any questions.
I hope this was an entertaing ride as well as a possible learning post as well.
On to the Sherman M4A3 and a dug in Berlin Panther!:eyeroll::Drinks:

bob letterman

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Sorry, I have been so busy I haven't taken time to go though a lot of threads!

Just fantastic Mate!

The closeup shots are impressive as could be!

Love it!!!!!!



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Wow, I just got caught up with this. I am stupified! This is such an outstanding piece of masterful work! I am overwhelmed.
Wow, thanks Duke . Really appreciate your enthusiasm and critique........glad that you found it!
Please don't feel overwhelmed, just follow some of the info In the post and you should move forward in an area that you want to improve.


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Ian, neat stuff! Hey I saw this and thought of your build, interesting add on for a Tiger, eh??9505E371-7A11-4AE6-B99D-F9035E4E8AF6.jpeg


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Very nice!! Your telephone poles gives me an idea for the KV-1 base by using a pole as a mount for a Ju-87 Stuka. I was planning on using a tree, which I still might do. Gary S. XLV MMXX