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Special Hobby Hawker Tempest MkV “High Tech” edition 1/32

Heavens Eagle

Well-known member
Paddy, I am a glutton for punishment at times. Have a couple of SH kits, but have others that are not as nice. Usually the biggie that shoots me in the foot is a kit that is incorrect. If it has the correct details, really nice clear parts and reasonable moldings I can build it. Kits that turn into scratch build projects turn me off. If I wanted that I would just build vac-u-form kits. No kit should be such that you throw 1/3 of it away because the parts are junk. (Italiari aircraft kits fit this)

Have a SH Aircobra with all the goodies and some nice Russian marking decals for it. Just have not started it yet since it would end up being a long build. Have several of those going at the moment. :facepalm

This looks to be a good kit Paddy! Thanks for the review! (y) :drinks


Well-known member
Ooooo.... Ahhhhh...

Looks like an interesting kit. Are their options for Indian and Pakistani markings?