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Scratching the Surface

moon puppy

Staff member
I have been amazed at the ease some of our friends are able to scratch build parts and entire models.

What we would like to do is share scratch building techniques and ideas with each other and offer up a challenge.

Let's take one part, something that you may or may not need on a build. Something out of your spares bin, and try to remake it. Make it identical, more detail, less, or even workable. just as a simple little test or exercise in the technique. Document what you do to recreate the part and share with us.

I'll go first.

This is what I worked on for the shield on the Flak 18, it's a simple brace that hold the shield in place.

What I did was take the original kit part and placed it on a piece of wood and spray painted over to get a good outline of it.

I then (channeling what I saw Randy and Chuck doing) nailed a couple of nails at bend points to shape the hollow pipe I chose to use.

I then used this as a jig to hold things in place while I soldered to pieces of the pipe at the angle I got from the outline of the part.

I could have used rulers and compasses to get this angle and length but I seem to do things the hard way.

Once I got a good soldered joint I bent the pipe around the nail, then cut the part to the same length as the kit part.

I mashed the ends of the pipe to flatten (this is the reason I wanted to use hollow pipe as oppose to solid rod, and MASH is the correct term around here, you may want to say it was compressed), shaped it with a file and drilled a hole for the mounting pins.

These were .8 mm hollow pipe I used and I cut a 1.0mm pipe to make the sleeve thing that is on the kit part, strictly cosmetic. I secured the part with Scale Hardware .3mm simulated slotted screw heads and a dab of CA. the part does move right now until I secure it on the gun.

So there's my attempt at scratch building.

hope you like it, questions, comments, WTFs are always welcome.


Active member
Jeez, Moon- that looks GREAT! The final piece set in the model makes me want to grab the iron and git! I've heard "mashing" rod stock described as "swaging" (rhymes with raging). I'm done here- be sure to mash the big light on your way out-


moon puppy

Staff member
and this is another benefit of doing a Scratch build classroom. Learning proper terms for these techniques. Swaging...got it.


I see burring MP. You really need to make another 7 sets and send them here for QA. I'll send back the one that passes. I'd do this just for you :evil: :D :D :D


moon puppy

Staff member
Come on guys, 'taint nuffin' you all haven't done yourself. Who do you think I've learned it from!? But thanks!!

Remember that the intent of this thread is to share the tricks of scratch building. If you all have something post it up!

One thing that I would like to see more of is the making of jigs and part holding ideas.