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Latest Acquisitions Revisited!


Information Overload
Staff member
No curve to the tracks of the real thing, although the real one almost looks like a belt.
View attachment 126756
Continuing to paint, still some additional bits to add to the bike.
I'll have to take your word for it..
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David Cooper
July 26
Some modelers have been able to get their hands on the new Hobby Boss 1/32 Douglas A-26B kit, a really interesting build review is going on in another Facebook group page, to correct the fuselage, which appears to be not high enough, and the wing location on the fuselage, is off as well!
These pictures may not be in the correct order, but you will get the idea, the Hobby Boss kit, has issues.




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Heavens Eagle

Well-known member
The big question I have is what drawings is this guy using to do the modifications? Something I learned a long time ago is only trust the drawings that actually have dimensions on them where you can verify the drawing.


The M3 book isnt bad but as I mentioned earlier Saul, drawings and comparisons would have made this much better.


Well ordered a few things this past few weeks and they all arrived today. First off the 4 aircraft for my grandkids. Those are going to top of the list and i'll put everything else on gold. Then there might be a tiger in my future maybe. Originally I bought just the Viribus Unitis kit reading that it had 2 models in it. Then I searched reviews so I could see any pitfalls and read that only 1 kit is provided so I ordered another. Now reading the box it does have 2 kits. Sigh.DSC08680.JPGDSC08681.JPGDSC08682.JPGDSC08683.JPGDSC08684.JPGDSC08685.JPGDSC08686.JPGDSC08687.JPGDSC08688.JPGDSC08689.JPGDSC08690.JPGDSC08691.JPGDSC08692.JPG

moon puppy

Staff member
My latest acquisition...
Not a new knee but it got a good overhaul.

I'm sure you all have heard me crying about my knee all the time so I decided this summer to get something done. Torn meniscus and a shopping list of other issues in there. Doc said I should be good for another 50k miles so we'll see.

Hope later this week I'll be able to get on the bench some. I did drill out the magnetos on the Junkers yesterday. I have a plan for the ignition harness, just have to pull the trigger.