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Latest Acquisitions Revisited!


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All of the above, used in Viet Nam for recon. I've heard them called Freebies becuse if one got hit no pilot was involved.


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I was looking for something to read since I seem to be in a modeling funk lately. I thought it would inspire me to get off my can and finish some kits. I came across this in Amazon and got it used for a good price. It seems pretty interesting and I am hoping that I can learn some good things from it.Resized_20200810_171404.jpeg


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Swung by a club member's house on the way home tonight, as he was trying to unload some kits he doesn't want to hang onto anymore. Went to have a look w/ no intentions of buying anything.....well, we all know how that goes. Ended up with a couple following me home.

I'll be going back later this week as he has some older kits that were probably going to the bin. After the other club members have a chance to pick through things he's going to give me a shout and I'll go pick up the freebies to distribute to a couple friends that are either just getting into the hobby or have been thinking about it.


Got some new books and kits in. I did not realize how many U2's were shot down. And since I seem to be doing a lot more Eastern Front stuff have some books to help. The Stalingrad book is volume 1 of 3. If I can get through it I'll get the other volumes. Quite hefty tomes.

A few years back a Type 62 tank came out. Little did I know it was a smaller tank and had different tracks than the T-55/66. I finally found some tracks from a company I have never tried before. So maybe I can finish that kit now.



Okay.The problem with plastic ones is I have never had success with them. I think the kit is finished except for painting and tracks and that you had told me then they were handed and someone was coming out with some am. These will have to do if I can find the kit in my stash.
Bad pic but it will have to do for now. Love the little pins already cut to size.

Duke Maddog

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I'm a bit late posting these, seeing as how I got these at least a week ago.

First is the Hobby Boss 1/72 scale 2S19-M1 self propelled howitzer for my Russian Army:

Next is my two Chieftains from Takom in 1/72 scale:

I hope to start on these soon. Just trying to finish up what I have one the bench first. Who knows? One of these might be Finished Armor Model Number 800! LOL!

Heavens Eagle

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I picked this up a few days ago. Have been doing some research on it and I think there might be a problem with the canopy. They have done a flat canopy with the clam shell door type access. Thing is I believe that should be taller. Anyway I am doing some internet searching for now to see what all is the case. If I am right Trumpy screwed up again. They really should fire their research people as the are total screwups.


Here is the gist of what I am looking in to.



cool kits Mark.
A fellow is doing the A-26 on Facebook and made a new fuselage from the bottom of the wings up and from the canopy to almost the tail. He also said the dihedral was totally wrong and a bunch of other stuff. I cant remember which sig it was though.