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Group Build Ribbon Descriptions


Updated on Mar 18 2012 -

Updated Jan 24, 2013

Current GB ribbons - some yet to be used.

moon puppy

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Group Build Badges

here's all our group build badges and ribbons[hide]Registered use are welcome to use our Group Build Ribbons and badges as you wish. We encourage you to use the ribbons in our signature lines as the badges will take up too much space. The badges are for your personal use as you see fit. If you'd like to use them on a personal summary page or what have you, feel free to do so.

We encourage you to use the original badge on the Modeler's Alliance server, that way if we have any updates to the badges you badge/ribbon will be updated automatically. for example,
This is the code you would enter in your signature for the Bomber Command GB. you do not have to copy and upload the ribbon to your gallery.

And at this point, I may be making things too complicated..so here we are. :mpup

If you'd like to create an animated GIF that'll be cool also.

A Big thank you goes out to John Marcus who created all these badges and ribbons. (y)


Sorry for the delay in updating... just sorting out various options. Plus an unplanned visit to the hospital emergency dept on friday night has caused some delay.


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I wish to thank you for the update.
They realy look great all lined up like that.

And for my count 40 campaing's already! :woohoo:

God Bless!


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Re: Group Build Badges

Hey Bob, how do you select the appropriate ribbon and get it on the signature line?