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Bobbed R75


New member
This is my latest effort. It’s the 1/9 scale of the WWII BMW R75 motorcycle. It was given to me started but with a few parts missing. Rather than follow the box art rendition I put my own spin on it. To disassemble I used the freeze method with fair success. Figuring there would be some breakage l pre drilled places I could insert a pin for reassembly. Trying to achieve a concentric hubcap look for the wheels I settled on creating spirals with .032 solder. The “fender skirt for the car‘s wheel is a rough copy of what Steib does on their 1:1 hacks even today. For the center trim on the front of the car I rolled out more solder between 2 pieces of glass to get them straight, laid them together and sprayed clear lacquer on them to hold them together. Then ca glued them to a piece of .010 styrene and cut the plastic to size. Then just worked it along the nose and down glueing along the S is the first time I’ve worked with something of large scale and like the opportunity for detail it allows. For those who think I should have kept the military theme no worries I was also given an unstarted kit.93E72513-8CE0-4C38-95FC-5BC499A37CF8.jpeg4E08516A-1D69-44A3-AE81-5F8C7F888FE9.jpeg350FF2AD-C07B-4806-B367-FF1F059D120E.jpegView attachment 375320E8-DF4C-4A7F-8B89-6493AE6EB733.jpegView attachment 172893E72513-8CE0-4C38-95FC-5BC499A37CF8.jpeg4E08516A-1D69-44A3-AE81-5F8C7F888FE9.jpeg350FF2AD-C07B-4806-B367-FF1F059D120E.jpegView attachment 375320E8-DF4C-4A7F-8B89-6493AE6EB733.jpegView attachment 1728


Master at Arms
That looks excellent Bob.

Great idea! My uncle used to have this kit built up in him bedroom. i always thought it was a neat model!


Heavens Eagle

Well-known member
It really turned out nice Bob!

It can always be a challenge working on something someone else started. This turned out quite well.

As to the rotated pics, you will figure it out. Sometimes it has something to do with the camera used. Not a big deal.