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65 SOHC Powered Ford Mustang Drag Car

Sherman 18

Master at Arms
A 65 Ford Mustang, altered wheel base, fiberglass bodied, "factory" drag car, powered by Ford's SOHC 427.

Start up photos


Sherman 18

Master at Arms
Doing some more research tonight (as I can't sleep :angry: ) The kit drive train lay out is of the 66 Mustang that Dick Brannan drove, not the 65. Not a huge deal, but the 65 had either a four barrel carb or dual four barrel carbs. The kit is fuel injected engine intake for the SOHC engine. The transmission is a standard and not a C6 automatic (I'm thinking Brannan did not run a standard trans in the Mustang, but not sure). Dash is wrong to for the 65 as it should be the stock Mustang dash. :hmmm Body is correct for the 65 and early 66 versions. The decals are not correct for the 65 version, a couple things jump out here, one the dealer name is in black and not gold, the "Bronco" name is out lined in black, it should be red. A couple more things are, the car was red first, then the gold and white, then some time a large white strip was added to the trunk lid and roof and a split strip was on the hood. Also at one race (or photos) the hood is black or looks black (could be the angles). Not sure why the wipes are molded to the body, these cars never had wipers. The rear wheel opening are correct!!!!! But no the front, fronts are in stock location and should be forward about 4 inches. The roof vents should not be there, will have to be removed and windows made. The hood has a huge cut out for the injector stacks, this will have to be filled for the 65 version.

Okay with that said, these were hand built race cars by Holman and Moody to look like a stock version Mustang, kinda. In 1965 Ford factory racers were running Falcons at the start of the season then moved to the Mustang. These Mustangs were built to counter the Chrysler altered wheel base cars. Race cars will always evolve during a season to stay competitive. Another problem is everything is done is secret so not many photos. In 1966 one of Brannan's Bronco Mustangs was destroyed in a accident. After that he was in a long nosed Mustang.

Some of the research photos


Brannan's second "short" nosed Mustang crash

Magazine page with a different prototype, I think this might be Gas Ronda's or Hubert Platt's car

Diagram of the engine firing order

The SOHC engine


Iron Mike

Master At Arms
Staff member
Those Model King kits are repops of the old AMT kits, so there's a lot of mixed messages. I was doing some research for an A/FX Mustang last weekend and found the conversion parts that look like they would work.


I've got a couple more of the Mustangs and the Falcon kits that I planned to build "one of these days".

(y) :drinks

Sherman 18

Master at Arms
More research!

I have a disc I got from Brannan that has a lot of info on like internal factory memos, but I can't find it! :angry:

Well, I do believe I was off on what Mustang(s) Dick Brannan had. He did have two AFX cars, one named Goldfinger which looks to be a fiberglass body on a modified factory frame or should say stock wheel base. I remember reading that Brannan stated all the Mustangs where fiberglass. Looks like Goldfinger had the roof vents and the strips. Bronco the one on the box is a modified wheel base car but not stretched (that's good), it should have the C6 transmission. The reason is with the tube chassis the SOHC engine would over torque the chassis while shifting. The front suspension looks to be a modified stock Mustang, this at least on Brannan's car.

SWEEEEEET pictures I found, this morning

Don't get me wrong here the bulk of the kit is correct. Just each of the cars are different in one way or another trying to get it as close as I can.

Mike your right about the mix :drinks Thanks for the link!

Sherman 18

Master at Arms
Did some sanding on the chassis and a coat of flat black to see where I'm at, I put some paint on the floor board too


Sherman 18

Master at Arms
On the research side I found a picture of the door window channels, as the cars did not use stock. Also a picture of the blue prints :D