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1/48 GMC Bomb Truck


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I've had a lot of fun things get in the way of my modeling lately so when I have had bits of time I have been working on this. It's the Tamiya kit with a Gas-O-Line resin conversion set. The resin is kind of overpriced for the quality I think but it will work OK. I've used carbon fiber rod in place of some resin parts and where they call for plastic rod as it helps hold a warp in the trolley track better. Should add some interest to the aircraft in the display case and in photos.





And my visitor in the back yard:

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I made some progress, the resin parts are on and the rigging is done. The resin is detailed but the light color makes it hard to see what I am doing, and also makes it hard to see the detail in the photos in the instructions. I've taken a bunch of photos from different angles that may help anyone else that wants to do this one. There are some clutch and brake linkages that go on the left and right side of the winch assembly and they look busy enough but I suspect they are not completely accurate. I did the best I could placing them. Some of the pulleys are not aligned as well as they should be, there was one in the trolley frame for the trolley cart cable that is too far forward to allow the cable to run to the lateral pulleys up there so I removed some material from the front of it. The thread I used for the cable hides it pretty well. Now I can go on to work on the rest of the truck. There may be green soon!






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Thanks, guys.

Mike, the plan is to put some weight in a bomb and hang it from the hook. I tried it with a flat washer and it tightened up pretty good. Had the same issue with my M74 winch cable. The fishing line I used takes a shape pretty good, it's some relative of firewire.


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Trying to unsee caskets loaded on the back of my truck now...Gary!:oldguy:

Some paint is on. It may seem like there are too many wheels in the picture but that's the result of starting to build the Tamiya Fuel Truck now. Used Hataka WW II Tank OD, and a Tamiya mixture of German Grey, Flat Black, and Flat Brown for the rubber. Got the rigging a little tighter by pulling on it as the paint dried.

There will be lots of parts left over, Tamiya used the same A sprues on the fuel truck which have many parts that are only for the cargo truck I am using for the base for the bomb truck. Of course a lot of parts will also be left over from the conversion as well.



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See my post in the thread about the Tamiya fuel truck for more blabbing, here's pictures of the bomb truck nearly done, need to do more with the figures.