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"Whiffers" (for fun!)

Cool. Warren.

All I have figured out how to do with Tamiya Panel Liner is make messes. Water and pastels seem to work best for me.
What's the problem with the panel wash, looks good to me! :vgood:

Well, after applying and letting it dry, you are supposed to rub it off with Tamiya X-20 thinner. I had Tamiya X-20A (acrylic), did nothing but I also had some Tamiya laquer thinner so I used that. If you look at it closely, you can notice where it was rubbed with the thinner.

As long as people don't get in too close, it's fine! :whistle:
I have a bit of an issue where they say to use a strong thinner over paint. I start with enamels for color and then my treatments are acrylics. I found some that 409 will clean off and love them. Unfortunately they have become unavailable as the place that used to make them went poof with the WuFlu.