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Latest Acquisitions Revisited!



What is that, a Kia?

Does it come with decals???

lol, Yes a Kia Sentos SX turbo. No decals but it does have a HUD. I can hardly wait for it to arrive. Heated seats in the winter and air conditioned seats in the summer. Just too cool.

moon puppy

Staff member
I got this crazy stuff and tried it in the airbrush.

Man that's shiny. Really good coverage and I think this was like 3-4 drops. Lacquer thinner clean up. I'll find out tomorrow how durable it is.

Duke Maddog

Well-known member
Oooo! I do love that Des Moines!

Sharkman! I never knew that thing existed! Cool score! I look forward to seeing that one built.
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Got the Swordfish for $35 on the Scale Model Graveyard...dude didn't charge shipping since he was late sending it out...
Grabbed this to add to the dug-in turret dio...
And things to add or not add as well...

And some reading material from a Sprue Brothers Deal of the Day...


Got 2 new Bf 108s in from Eduard today. Hope to start at least one soon but need to finish stuff first.

Picked up the resin wheels as well but everything else was in the kit.
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WigWag Workshop

New member
Latest Acquisitions

Got my next 2 WNW Aces kits. Immelmann's and Collishaw's birds. Also checking out the Gecko A10 Mk.1A CS. Nice kit. Looks like it will be a fun build. My boys got me two punch sets for Christmas a while back and RP Toolz has just come out with a box for the. Easy to assemble and nice and strong. And finally RP's new cutter. All I can say is Nice!!. Anodized aluminum in red to match the Dspaie tools. It is very solid and very precise. Way better than any other ones I have seen.

Wish we could get that Chopper in the USA. I bought a "Chopper II" but I did not like it, to much wobble.