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John Bowrey Figure Campaign


I think I can do this. I just got a new figure that I've been waiting for since early Jan. Himini's new 75mm Ottoman Sipahi from the 15 to 16 Century.



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I'M new here, but I'd like to submit this figure. It's a 1/10th bust of a US inf c. 1846 during the Mexican American war. I sculpted it out of sprue and am in the process of painting it.



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Indeed, Sir!
Just a suggestion...

How about a re-work of the "watch your Figure" campaign? Remove the eyes and maybe change the colour??

"Watch You Figure" seem very appropriate these days! "Covid Spread" applies to how much weight we gain while isolating as well, Yes? I'm sure any ribbon you devise will be brilliant!


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He looks very dapper, would like to know more about your process, please? 🐱
Here is a link to the basic how to on reworking sprue

moon puppy

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Very resourceful and excellent recycling. But that toaster oven looks like it's been through it! :rotf