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JGSDF Type 90 - WIP


With all the hospital visits of the past 8 months, I've not had the opportunity to do any modelling... But with a good break in between the previous and next chemo cycle, and generally feeling good, I though I would try and get something simple done.

I picked the Tamiya JGSDF Type 90 tank - to be built ootb - just keeping it simple. Lack of feeling in the fingers due to the chemo is making it difficult, but progress is being made...

Lower hull primed and base coat done. Tracks primed.

phantom II

Master at Arms
You go John . :) I hope you start feeling better soon. I have a friend in Sunday school doing chemo as well. Does not seem like a fun thing at all.

Cheers, Christian B)


Upper hull done and primed -

That's probably all I will get done for the next week or so. Back into hospital on Thursday for the next cycle of chemo.

Adam Baker

Active member
Built this kit a few years ago, and it is a pretty nice kit, I dont remember any major fit issues anywhere. Looking forward to seeing your progress.


Active member
Hey JOHN ,

Good lookin start. I like th sleekness of this Tank ! I'm lookin' forward to seein this with th camo !!

:drinks Good Luck with th Chemo .... Kick that Cancer's AZZ Buddy !! You can do it !! (y) (y)