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For my grandson.


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This ones mine.
Made from an old TV remote for the Green Goblin.

I was motivated by Paulw's post about what he built for his granddaughters and decided to post what I built for my grandson when he was very young. 3 I think, he's 15 now. Gary S. XXXXV XX XX
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man that is tooooo kewl!

When i was a kid I had a 1/72 Me262 that i played with nonstop and it is hands down one of my fave-o-rite airplanes! I have read the book ROCKET FIGHTER at least 5 times and may soon devout it yet again!

The TV remote is epic man, great stuff!


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Those are cool and I bet he really loved them. That was a pretty neat use of an old remote control. Did these peak you grandsons interest in modeling at all?


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No, not at all. He was more interested in playing with them. Don't know how long they lasted. Gary S. XXXXV XX XX


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As long as they were appreciated and played with, that is good. My grandson likes to play with some models and others he likes to have on a shelf for display. He also builds models and figures on occasion. Right now he is into the Dungeon and Dragon gaming figures. He was just starting to really get into it, joined a club, and was going to do some commissioned painting work when this COVID19 stuff kind of put a damper on it all.