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Fairey "FireFly" - 1950's RCN Carrier Fighter


Hi. My intentions are to play along in this campaign with this AZ Models kit of the Fairey Firefly. This type was employed by the RCN as a carrier fighter well into the 1950's, so it is definitely a fine Cold War Warrior.

This evening, I have been looking the kit over. It is, in fact, an identical kit to my Grand Phoenix boxing of the same type; except, it is of far dimished quality from the GP collector kit. Still, I'm going to try it out.

I like to post, and I like photos. So when the time comes, I will post progress. :dance Ben


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Firefly saw some action during the Korean War. Very interesting and unusual Aircraft! :popcorn (y)

All the best!


Oh-Oh! :hmmm This is going to be a little more difficult than what I first thought!!!!

There are alot of points in this boxing that appear to be more welds that scribes. Along with this horrible molding of fuse and wings, there is scaleing or a flagging which appears throughout. Hope you can see this in the pictures.

Just cleaning up the plastic on this kit is going to be an undertaking, but it dosen't end there.

The resin parts are really quite nice; but the kit was sold with some resin parts missing. Namely the ASH Radar cradle, part P25. This will now have to be scratch-built. Also, resin pieces P26, P27, & P28 are missing. The canopy mask is also missing.

There is a problem with inadequate locating instruction for the resin parts as well. I can tell that by just trial fitting.

All in all, I'm starting to think this is going to be a real chore. Just going to take my time, and not be a quitter.


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Good luck Ben, looks like the missing pieces are not to major. I like resin but it takes a ton of dry fitting and dont forget, you can never thin it enough :)

Its always worth a look on airliners,net for reference pictures for aircraft like this


HTH :)


Thankyou, Paddy. I am still making slow progress on this project. Trying to pick-out paint the resin pit interior and rescribing the fuselage 'weld' seams.

I will photograph and post when the progress advances a-bit.


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Oh come on now Ben. Resin therapy is good for you, just like pe origami is good for you. :snoopy :pilot


Pic-paint, pic-paint, pic-paint. :gogo And so much more to do.

Just thought I'd let you know where its at.