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1/72 Mitsubishi KI-46 II Type 100 Trainer (LS)

Looks like you found an Easter egg! Nice finish and thanks for your perseverance. :ro:
That's sticking with it Warren!

I can see the fade job, very nice and talk about get'er done! (y)
Thanks guys!

It was a little rushed, but it was a learning experience for the few other Japanese trainers I have in the stash!
Brilliant job! Congrats for sliding this in just under the wire. Way to go! This is a most impressive little aircraft.
Well done, Warren. But it does look a little Halloweenish, don't you think?

Definitely John! It seems odd to have an entirely orange aircraft.

I still have the following I plan on painting in trainer orange:

1/72 G8N Rita
1/48 A5M4K Claude
1/48 Tachikawa KI9 Spruce
1/48 K5Y willow
1/48 B7A prototype

So I have a bit more to practice with. I'll have to see. Can't say I'm entirely sold on them yet.
At 23:30, she was pretty much dry enough to take pics so I'm calling it done! I learned that orange is very difficult to photograph!!! :bang head








Great looker mate and is going to stand out in the display case