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1/350 Scale "Three Mile Limit" TLAR #423

Initial casting looks damn good. The mold picked up the skylights, portholes and swim platform ladder precisely.
The light bar for the Dade County Sheriff RHI didn't cast in a very busy mold. A little tooling and cast again.
The 16-foot Port Security Unit boat came out well.
Thanks for looking in!
She's building! My boat wanted the bow railing. It's made form .008 Copper wire. I kept the cross head bollard on the stern, but it's easy to clip it off. Pylons for the wing have intake grids on the insides of them. Your spoiler can mount wherever you want. I made the wing long enough to span the afterdeck of Kwitcherbitchin' with room to spare. Sand it to fit and be a Happy Guy! The wood grain for the swim platform was stuck in the mold for the first casting (This one) the other 3 (so far) have it.
Mooring bitts. My least favorite part of the build. Cleaned, sanded copper wire C/A glued into dinky bitt plates. My bitt plates are cast over the hull rub-strip. Don't drill too deep!

You can build your 90-footer without the wing spoiler, but the air-hungry Caterpillar turbo-diesels will need fresh air intakes. OR they don't! There is NO such thing as a 90' Rum-Runner Powerboat.

My buddy George calls the models I dream up the "TLAR Ghost Fleet". This vessel, the 1/700 "Proud Mary" river steamboat, The 1/700 70-foot Sloop that comes with the 1812 US Brig Lawrence/Niagara and the clownfish that comes with the accurate 1/350 Orca, are all just my imagination, once again, runnin' away with me.
OH! The Universal Hull kit has ZERO basis in reality. The "Mister Potato-Head of model ship kits" has but one purpose. It's supposed to be FUN. I suppose serious modelers don't care for such things. I get that.

I hoped to get this boat in primer tonight, but the timer went off and I needed to clear 7 molds worth of castings.
Major "3 Mile Limit" players. A study in Model Master flat white. The real fun of painting these boats is about to start!
Stick around. Getcherself a cup of Joe. See what happens next!
"Honey, I'm going in the office to do a little painting." Everything I paint is little. :smack:
Then I started working on the all female crew. "Things are easier in 1/350, Right? "
This Woman, well, she made me kind of nauseous. Her pendulous, bounteous superstructure had to be scrapped for a do-over. :sick:
Attempt #2 is a little better. It been said that some women have one larger breast than the other. :blush:
These 3 seagoing vixens will serve. Test fit of bikini top waving girl in the cockpit of the 90-footer. :hmm:
All 3 crew members in swimming costumes. Captain Brown sports her red "Tropical Work Clothes". She is as lovely as she is dangerous.
A new technique for Bikini-top-waving Vicki is being toyed with. 1/350 Tan lines. She has cleavage. Why not? I added little slivers of cast-off resin for Vicki's top and hair.

Yard chores and avenging my scraped noggin ensued today as well. I laid waste to an offending apple tree. Then................
We had us a little fire in the quiet, cool Iowa evening. A much less civilized thermal event is planned as soon as all the brush Mr. McCulloch cut up today is ready!

Thanks again for looking in!:skipper::salute:🧜‍♀️
This is how I expect the models to lay out on the base. MiG ammo acrylic water over a chunk of tile shower board. Base coat of Tamiya silver.
Wave and wake will be added a little at a time. The MiG water takes overnight to cure, making it possible for a patient man to get the contours just so. A Patient Man. hmm.
Time will tell.
Thanks for looking in!
Add some MiG acrylic water, leave it alone for a day, repeat. The base is coming along. The water sloshing over the edge of the base is there on purpose.
There's still plenty of time for this whole project to go to Hell in a handbasket. I'm trying something new with the water bases this time.
If all goes well, it could be very interesting. My water method: Less is more.

Stay tuned for more developments as this enthralling story unfolds!
Cockpit is assembled! There a wee p/e wheel for the helm that comes in every kit. I sanded down the high backed racing seats. they were also a little wide. They overlapped the edge of the access hatch to the main cabin. Dabs of Tamiya clear green over silver for the MPD and engine instruments will suffice. Notice the big blue Igloo cooler? Conning a vessel such as this is thirsty work!
Decals for 6 kits are printed.

I remind myself that the base has nothing to do with composing the box art picture or instructions. I don't focus well when I drink lots of coffee! Having the ocean run over the sides of the base is a total experiment. I showed my Navy buddy Carl this picture. He commented "F-ing Flat-earther!" I laughed until I needed dry underpants! Funny Carl!
Thanks for looking in!
Since this was Kevin's idea, I asked him if he wanted to name the boat. "Porsche" was his response. That's why that name is on the decal sheet!
I could not help trying out the red over orange "Kwitcherbitchin'" decals to see how they would look. This wasn't practicle on the 1/700 powerboat model. I find the effect pleasing on the bigger boat!

Since I made the decals today, I tried out the smaller scripts on the smaller boats. Solva-set is your pal here! My clear inkjet decal paper has a thick carrier! Several coats of decal solvent tamed the decal film on the curved RHI and Defender 250 surfaces.

DISCLAIMER!: The lettering on USCG and LEO boats is white. I don't print white. That's Kenny Loup's job. The black lettered decals are inaccurate. They snuggled down and looked pretty decent so that's what you will find in your very own TLAR Models 1/350 3-Mile Limit kit.
Inittial release is 4 kits. 2 are spoken for. Cash offers are being entertained! :vgood:

Thanks again for looking in again and again!
Rubber duckie.
Remember me?! Remember the clownfish in the TLAR 1/350 Orca kit? I'm STILL that Guy!
The duckie got painted like the Pretty Peach did. Tamiya acrylic clears over chrome silver.