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TLAR Models 1/700-1/350 Universal Hull set #1020


Super Moderator
Ever get just stuck? Model Mojo just won't flow? Wheels of Creativity stalled, no matter how much "lubrication" you apply?

Well I do.

Every once in a while I just want to do something fun without caring about if the green is correct, or if the proper number of windows cross the stern.
Enter TLAR Models Universal Hull set!
The idea is to provide a 1/700 150-foot Hull or 75 feet in 1/350 scale with enough interesting parts to build an interesting model boat or ship using your imagination. I'm not even gonna write any instructions!
Here are a few of my ideas! A 75-foot Gunboat with 3D printed 40mm gun. You need a pivot for the 1.1 inch gun mount. A speedy Privateer schooner with 32-pound cannon. A 1/350 Trawler/Shrimp boat. A 1/350 commercial fishing boat with flying bridge. A 1/700 150' Schooner/Privateer/Pirate ship isn't pictured. Imagine all the possibilities! Full Hull, or waterline?
What will you choose?
Illustrations will show a guy techniques to make a mast, sails, rudimentary rigging and such, should he/she/they/them/there/Firetruck choose a sailing vessel. I will NOT tell you which boat to make! Catheads, a Clipper bow and salon winders are cast on the hull. If YOU choose some other kind of ship, cut/sand the sumbitches off! Choose. But choose wisely.:coolio2:

Screw all that! Have fun! Amaze your friends and family! Bamboozle IPMS Judges!!:lol:

The 1/350 "Gunboat" is based loosely on the "Fast & Nasty" PTF, but it's 5 scale feet too short and had no solid railings.
In 1/700 scale at 150 feet, she might make a convincing "almost Bluenose" schooner with a waterline hull. 150' steam screw-sloop Confederate Blockade runner? I don't like your chances of making a submarine from this kit, but you never know! The Universal Hull IS a solid polyurethane plastic casting. :hmm:

Every model tells a story, right?! YOU get to make up your very own bullschtein story about your Model!! Then laugh up your sleeves as model know-it-alls drone on and on about how much they already know about the Ship, who her Skipper was, and how She sailed past his house as a kid. Even though said vessel NEVER EXISTED!! :tomato: We all know at least one of these Guys, do we not?!:stinker::smack:
The kit contents picture needs updating. As with everything else I do, Ideas for extra stuff continued to rent space in my resin casting model head. :Drinks:

Now, since I deal as frequently as anyone else in "Bullschtein", TLAR customers can contact me, if they need me to help womp up a palpable, plausible, COMPLETELY false backstory for whatever vessel they choose! Value Added Service, Baby!! :bigrin:

Mine is going to be a 1/350 full-hull Shrimp Trawler. "Grave Digger" of the Darien, Georgia fleet. I enjoy making all the stanchions, masts and booms. Here's to YOU Captain Reggie Sawyer! :salute:
Thanks again for looking in!
In truth, this idea took root during the Wuhan Flu lockdown. I confess I may have been a teensie (?!) bit loonier during that time than I normally am. If you believe that possibility actually exists! :lol::yipee::lol::yipee:
So maybe my Grave Digger shrimp boat will be a full-hull model after all. It might be fun to cage the prop to keep stray net or trawl lines from fouling it.
Reggie Saywer and Grave Digger.jpg
Captain Reggie Sawyer of Darien, Georgia with his boat. I cain't call Captain Sawyer "friend", but I did speak to him at length about his vessel, how it works and Grave Digger's history. If you ask a wild-caught shrimp skipper about his boat and his business, expect to get the whole tale!
It helps to bring cold beverages along. You're gonna be there a while. It will be fun the whole time!
The Universal Hull kit is designed to be a quick fun build to make a nautical whatever-you-please.
Here in the comfy Nut Department, I find to come close to doing Grave Digger any justice at all, additions must be made. Yeah. Me.
I DID Meet the tidy little Lady in person. She's PURTY!
Drop in at Skipper's while you're there! Bar service is brisk and the seafood is astounding!
You will not be sorry!
Does my Shrimp boat have a hatch in the lazarette? It do now! Afterdeck bits going on prior to an overall white paint job.
Anyone buying the TLAR Models "Mr. Potato Head" of model ship/boat kits can add ANYTHING they want to. So can I!
Still some details to add to the bow. I have to dream up a capstan. Some other boatish type stuff.............
After my Teresa made yummy Hammy Ham-egg-cheese Croihamwish breakfast, Model mania began in earnest.
I made the anchor capstan (only ONE!) I wanted with my.020 brass wire, Waldron punch and teeny drill...................
Finished the bow guide for the Danforth anchor, installed the capstan with a locker hatch in the bow....................
Moved the winch and shrimp hold hatch aft and had a test-fit of Grave Digger's major assemblies.
The goal was to get to white paint on the hull assembly today. Almost there!
What will YOU make out of your very own Universal Hull kit? :lol:

The kit contents picture is the Box art. I'm NOT going to tell YOU what to do with YOUR Universal Hull kit! Free your mind and The Mojo will follow!

50+ nautical resin parts, 3D 40mm, decals, different sizes of p/e ship's wheels, a chunk of 1/700 ladder and 10 inches of .020 and .015 copper rod come in every kit!

God alone knows what else may get womped up and tossed in the box as this run-away TLAR project runs even further amok!!

This kit goes to market on Hobby Swap this weekend. I made one for Carl Musselman. He named this project "The Mr. Potato Head of ship model kits".
He's right.
Thanks again for looking in!