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Ok Pup wants to know how I am making my rigging. Now keep in mind that there are plenty of folks that do this better and there is plenty of stuff you can buy that can do this for you. Just remember "I'm Cheap" so I will and go through what I do and hopefully it will make sense.

Ok first you need to make eyelets to attach your rigging to. The WingNut Wings kit that I have has all the rigging attachment points molded in so it easy to locate where the eyelets will be located. But first you have to make the eyelets. For the eyelet I am using .010 to .015 diameter copper wire that is bent around a .031 to .040 diameter rod. I then twist the copper using the rod. Here some pictures to help.

Then you trim off the excess wire and you are ready to attach the eyelet.

As I said the kit has molded in rigging attachment points. For your eyelet to fit well you will need to drill the out. I attach the eyelet with a small amount to super glue.

Next I make the turnbuckle using the same copper wire and rod I use for the eyelet. Wrap the wire around the rod the same way you would make springs or headset cords.

Cut a small section to make the turnbuckle.

To make the rigging I use 3 pound test fishing line. Cut length of line and thread the turnbuckle onto it.

Then thread the loose end through the eyelet holding the turnbuckle between your fingers.

Now take the loose end and thread back though the turnbuckle.

Pull it tight and add some super glue.

Trim the excess line.

Repeat the process on the other end and SHAZAM!! you have rigging wire.

If all goes well you have a nice tight line that you will not need to heat tighten. If you do have some sag in your lines then you may need to heat shrink them and that should do the trick.
I hope this explains how I do this. I will happy to answer any question you might have.

Terry B)


Master at Arms
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Yeah!!! Lots of rigging on the DH2. I think I will practice on the Roden kit.



Master at Arms
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Thanks!!! I am going to try the technic on a 48 scale Fokker EIII.

Heavens Eagle

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Thanks for bumping this Mike! I don't think I have seen it before.

Your process looks good Terry! Gives me some ideas. Thanks!