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Here’s what you get when a car guy hangs out with military guys. I started this along time ago with the idea of a Viper engine in a lakes car but my interest waned and it sat in its box for several years unfinished. Then during a club conversation about the WWII auto industry building planes and tanks I thought what if it was the other way round and voila. As all projects like this go ideas accumulated as the kit progressed. The panel lines were cut in with a razor saw guided by tape along one side. After looking at images of panels on planes I saw they weren’t always the exact same color so I went back after the initial painting and randomly added different washes to some panels. All in all it was a fun build with a great opportunity to introduce some humor to a build without being too ridiculous.F57B2A71-E46C-468F-BAA2-32AC3277E93A.jpeg06B13CE4-38A9-4F63-B0FB-E898454CE69E.jpeg512AF2EC-8AD3-42A3-99E1-7DB0BF86AFAA.jpeg7A5821E9-6237-4FEE-9D91-F223D48015A5.jpeg1735B186-011B-4298-9316-2591C3A79CCA.jpeg


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Fracking Awesome!!!...I love Bonneville speed cars!! :ro: :ro:

"being too ridiculous".........Not at all

Iron Mike

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Natural metal finish. I hadn't seen that Buick, that's a cool ride, especially the Dagmar headlight bullets.