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RCAF P2V-7 Neptune


I;m thinking this is the official site for the "Cold War Wings" Campaign. So I'm enlisting here.

This coming weekend, I'll begin my project. It's the old Hasegawa 1/72 P2V Neptune kit. I'm hoping to transform this box of styrene parts, still with raised panel lines, into a reasonable representation of an RCAF P2V-7 Neptune.

I will take a dated photo of the unstarted parts before I begin, as seems to be the policy of the forum.

Most of you know already, that I intend to build a Neptune that spent its entire RCAF life in 407Sqn., out of Comox, BC.. 24102 served on the west coast from 1955 to 1968.

Here are a few well known historical photos of the example I wish to build:

Hope your able to follow along, and when time comes teach me how to do it. I'm afraid I'm just not all that good at it, but, I sure do have fun.



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I would like to come in on this one. 32 Hobbycraft Hawker Sea Fury. Maybe with resin goodies but lets see what I have next week. this will be a good show.


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I will take a dated photo of the unstarted parts before I begin, as seems to be the policy of the forum.
for campaign entries yes!

never seen that plane, never heard of that plane, looks very interesting -> i look forward to you tackling the kit! :popcorn

moon puppy

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Nice selection, good cold war subject, patrolling the coast line waiting for the coming invasion!


thought I'd better post this before I begin.

This kit is old. It is the one of the few survivors after raising up 4 kids. Parts are off the sprue trees, but not a spot of glue or paint. It's good to go.

This is what I'm going to build.


Before I really get going at this, I was waiting for the post to deliver a Paula AM interior.

Hasegawa's interior is just way to simplistic. I'm also thinking about soldering-up a bombardier's
safety net. With all the glass on the front end of a Neptune, you'll probably see it even in 1/72.