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RAF Canberra B(I)8


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Well then, here is my contribution:

1/72 Airfix Canberra

My thanks for this one go out to Phil, who send me this as a xmas gift. Thanks again Phil, good choice.

and 6 hours later ....

those two seats are the ones oob - not that bad. I may add some wire or something, but then, you wont see that much of them ...



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Thanks Martin! glad you are liking the kit.
Great start!

On a side note - that Pe set and masks for this are still not available in Australia!


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Thanks a lot Gentlemen :)

some small steps further

well, I did some small additions to the seats

well and this you will see

crazy, I know :)


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Thanks a lot ya all :)

some little more on the Canberra

and yes there is an error at the underside. Just saw it when looking at the pics. Those finding it will win a smile :)


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Thanks a lot you two :)

The decals are on

it looks like silvering but just because Future isn't dry yet :)