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Jasta 14. The History of Jagdstaffel 14 − 1916-1918 2021-05-11

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jknaus submitted a new resource:

Jasta 14. The History of Jagdstaffel 14 − 1916-1918 - From KeK to Jasta.

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From Luftfahrtverlag-Start comes a fantastic new book on the history of Jasta 14. I have read a number of books from this small publisher in Germany and have never been disappointed. The quality of writing, clarity of pictures and detail provided all combine to make fantastic references. I believe this is their first WWI book. As soon as I heard of it and going by their other books I knew I needed to buy it...

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Thanks Bob.
Just a heads up, I made a mistake and the price from the publisher is in Euros not Pounds. Corrected in the write up.
Also 1/32 decals will be available soon.