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Hello to all


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I don't really know why I am attracted to Japanese aircraft. I guess it is the mystique of them. As for Soviet armor; as a kid I loved WW2. One year the family got a VCR. With that contraption I got a tape "Why we Fight" and on the film was a scene of red army infantry charging across a snow covered field with T34s... I was hooked$
Growing up as a kid my Dad was very anti Japanese. He served 31/2 yrs. in the Pacific. All of our aircraft were supposedly so much better than the Japanese. Latter I learned about how good some of them really were. And like you the mystic of their aircraft. When it comes to armor, I like the Germans the best. Gary S. XLV MMXX


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Hey John, glad to see you signed up & sorry for the dee-lay in answering!

I noted via an FB post that John was in SC plus kinda near us, so thinker he might enjoy the group!

it’s a great place John, friendly folks and a great resource!!


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Welcome, Jon! This is a great website and most of us are sorta friendly.

Just remember that


So show us what you got!