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Grandson of Beech

Thank you all for the kind comments, much appreciated. (y)
John, I contacted the guy who flew it and the pitots were under the wing on this one about halfway out to the tip, just behind the deicer boot. Go figure.

Anyway stick a fork in her, she's done. The props, antennas, and windshield wipers are on so that winds it down. It was kind of a fun build, I haven't built a resin model for years, last one was a US Coast Guard Sikorsky S-51 with scratchbuilt popout floats, for a dear friend who's no longer with us.






There's a 1:48 Sea Bee in the on deck circle. This thing has major issues, not the least of which the fuselage is too narrow. That is a minor problem, since the profile needs work also. Oh yes, it will have the wheel undercarriage replaced with straight skis. :laugh:
That would make it an early 90, a straight 90, A90, or B-90. One that was before bleed air pressurization. Pitots under both wings. Here's a B-90.

Thanks for the kind comments fellas, much appreciated. (y)

John, that was an A-90.

Here's a few pics of the model with its brethren (sisteren?) Looks right at home with the rest of the fleet I built.