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Completion Summary


Once you complete your entry in this Group Build post them in this Completed Summary thread for recognition and to have the right to wear the group build Ribbon. Once someone completes an entry in this group build, we will provide a link to the ribbon and proper BBCode to use in your signature.

Please respect the rules of the Group Builds, only those who actually complete their builds within the confines of the rules of these builds will be allowed to show these ribbons on their signatures.

For now, here is a picture of the ribbon and badge that is for this group build -

Just a little incentive for members to get involved and complete a kit in this group build. :)


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second that

.... I haven't started yet and there is already a completion summary ... oh dear ...

moon puppy

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BTW, the code for the Red Star Rising ribbon is [hide]

moon puppy

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Yes it did, like I said on the thread, pin and panel washes has always caused me trouble. either I try to clean it up too soon or not a good mix of thinner to paint. Seems everytime I clean up the excess I soak up what's in the panels also.

With Migs on top of the AlcladII lacquer finish, I really just let the Migs Wash dry and clean up with a paper towel (which is readily available due to the new paper dispenser mounted on my work bench..) The cleanup leaves behind enough pigment on the finish to act as sort of a filter and it toned the shine down nicely.

I enjoyed this finish, worked out well. Really looking forward to working it more. :mpup

Duke Maddog

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These are two Russian Helicopters I built for this Campaign here on Modeler's Alliance. I got these from a friend for helping him with his warehouse and they are both in 1/72 scale. They are short run kits from Russia, and had no interiors, so I just blacked them out. I also painted and marked them as Russian Army helicopters using spare decals from my spares box. They may not be accurate, but they look good. I'm sure happy with them.

This first one is my Russian Mi-10 Hook; the Russian answer to our Skycrane. What a gangly looking thing on that slim, delicate framework that makes up the landing gear:

This next one is my Mi-6 Harke. This was one big helicopter!

To give you an idea of how big this monster is, here is a shot of it next to a standard Ex-acto blade and handle:

That's all I got done so far; I also posted these in the Aircraft Forum for those who haven't visited here. I have completed some trucks which are in the Armor Forum as well. Feel free to go by and check them out too.

Meanwhile, thanks for looking and comments are welcome.

moon puppy

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Now he's color coordinating all those ribbons, if Terry ever uses the Medals he'll crash the server from the load.

Looks great Terry! (y):