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Master at Arms
Staff member
Any aircraft(with wings) used during the Cold War by any nation. From 1947 until the end(if it has) of the cold war. Get on the list and have fun. You have a whole year to complete your project(s) and claim your ribbon, but you must complete at least one project. Make sure your thread begins with a picture of the unbuilt kit along with a time stamp (computer, phone, or news paper)

1. Jknaus: Mig 23 with extras
2. mtnflyer: Neptune
3. SAdave: Mig 21
4. Jeeves: 1/32 F-86 Sabre
5. Moonpuppy: Bell X-1
6. PaulW: F-84G
7. Old Dog: B-57B
8. Greg Mix: Mig-23
9. Mikkel: F-86 Sabre
10. MrT: MiG 15


SA Dave

Active member
I have a Mig 21 but the only problem is that the Decals are for an 1989 Chech Republic bird. It was surely made in the cold war.

If its OK sign me up I feel the need for another speed build

BTW did I mention it has pinup girls on the nose :D


Master at Arms
Staff member
The Mig 21 sounds great, but there is no hurry about building it. You got a year. I will put you on the list.

Terry B)


Well-known member
Well...seems a little Mig heavy to me...methinks I need to build a Sabre...only question is should I do the 1/32 Kinetic or the 1/48 Academy one?

moon puppy

Staff member
I got it, I'm in!

Pictures shortly but lets just say this entry BROKE the Cold War Barrier and really heated things up.


Great :yipee in that case willingly I join to group, I will build one from the list (all in 1/48):



Master at Arms
Staff member
Looks like my list! Just let me know and I will add you to list.