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ACTSMS Expo 2011 Photos


Photos from this years ACT (Canberra, Australia) Scale Model Society Annual show 2011...

ACTSMS 2011 MobileMe Gallery

Plenty on show for the flyboys, but a bit light on for armour and very light on for ships this year. There was some civi stuff... but it was getting late and I didn't get a chance to photograph everything.

As usual the Society have no idea whatsoever about lighting the display area and they really are starting to run out of room. Lots of kits were stashed in dark corners throughout the expo area and along with the large crowds made it very difficult to even get to the kits and to get good photos. There would have been at least 4-5 times more kits on display, than the ones that I have photographed.

My personal favourites were the 1:32 A-10 Thunderbolt II from Trumpeter (I may have to get this kit now...), the 1:350 HMS Hood from Trumpeter, and this 1:35 M88 Hercules converted from the Revell kit. I spoke to the gentleman that did this kit and it was featured on the cover of Tamiya MMI Issue 59. Amazingly, the kit only received a "commendation" at this show, which says a lot about the judging and confirms my reasoning for not entering into competitions.