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1/48 scale Panther and Hetzer


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These are 2 kits I made a long time ago. The Panther kit is by Monogram and was offered as a 2 in 1 box with a P-51C. I came with a base and a tree to mount the Mustang on. This was back in the 70's. The also offered a Sherman/ Fw-190 2 in 1 kit. It was built way back in the 80's when the Mets went to the world series. I modified the cupola as it was for a Aust D. It was my first tank model as an adult. The trees are weed roots with dyed parsley for leaves. I used the technique on the Stug III also. The Iron Cross ribbon was given to me from a patient who was in the 8th Panzer Division near Leningrad. When I showed him the Panther he said, " they looked just like that!!". Better than any award. His name was Verner Close, home town was Berlin. He was wounded in the arm and was captured in a hospital by the Americans in Bavaria. Lucky wound. I have a Bandai Panther waiting to be built and would be neat to compare.
The Hetzer is by Bandai and was built OOB probably 15-20 years ago. Nice little kit. It also along with the Panther has an ambush scheme.100_6039.JPG100_6039.JPG100_6039.JPG100_6040.JPG100_6041.JPG100_6041.JPG100_6042.JPG100_6044.JPG100_6045.JPG100_6039.JPG100_6040.JPG100_6041.JPG100_6042.JPG100_6044.JPG100_6045.JPG100_6048.JPG100_6049.JPG100_6033.JPG100_6034.JPG
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